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Início O Nubank Imprensa Nubank and Zee.Dog team ...

Nubank and Zee.Dog team up to end the longstating battle of dogs chewing credit cards

Digital bank and PetTech developed together the Nudog, a pet toy made in the molds and color of Nubank's Purple Card; profits from the sales will be reverted to the NGO Amigos de São Francisco.

São Paulo, August 26, 2021 – Picture the following: you accidentally forget your credit card at home before leaving in the morning and, in the evening, when you arrive, find it has been completely chewed . This is not as odd as it seems. Actually, thousands of pet owners face this situation in Brazil – which is why Nubank joined forces with Zee.Dog to find a solution: Nudog, a pet toy made in the image, likeness and color of a purple credit card.. 

The novelty is available as of today – World Dog Day. For R$49.90 (shipping not included), consumers from all over Brazil can purchase Nudog through Lojinha do Nu – Nubank’s virtual store launched in June with products that express the values and purposes of the digital bank -, Zee.Dog‘s website and the Zee.Now app, which operates in 12 cities in the Brazil.

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Over the past eight years, there have been more than 6,600 customers getting in touch with Nubank’s customer support to report damage in their credit or debit cards caused by hungry (or angry?) pets.

Produced in a limited edition, the new toy was developed to be the ideal card for pets to bite as much as they want – Nudog is made of rubber and has rounded edges, as well as an opening and space for snacks. 

“At Nubank, our culture is customer-focused, which inspires us to always seek solutions for their experience with our brand. The apparently irresistible attraction dogs have to our purple card made us realize that not only humans, but also pets love it. That’s why we decided to look for a safe alternative that both spares the credit cards and also entertaining pets”, explains Paulo Vendramini, Nubank’s Customer Engagement Director. “With their unquestionable quality, know-how and alignment with our values, Zee.Dog was the first partner we thought of to make this idea viable,” he adds.

“We were very excited when Nubank approached us to help solve this problem. We know that pets are part of our family, and now they will have a new toy, which is similar to the Purple Card for humans, but much more fun. We developed the product thinking of details that would guarantee  similarity with the original purple card so that everyone is happy: the owner of the card, the pet and,  of course, the card itself,” says Thadeu Diniz,  Creative Director and co-founder of Zee.Dog.

To promote Nudog, Nubank published a video on its social networks – starring different pets.

Profits reverted to animal protection NGO

The proceeds from the sales of the partnership between Nubank and Zee.Dog will go to Associação Amigos de São Francisco, a non-profit organization that helps shelter abandoned or mistreated animals and promotes adoption. The NGO will also benefit from the proceeds of other products sold at Lojinha do Nu.

In June, during the LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, the digital bank started the operations of Lojinha do Nu with card holders and sketchbooks in the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flags. On that occasion, TODXS – a non-profit organization with social inclusion projects for this part of the population – was the entity chosen to benefit from the profits of the sales. 


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