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Início Produtos NuInvest How to invest via NuInve...

How to invest via NuInvest?

A platform with over a thousand categories of investments, including stocks, fixed income, real estate funds, and much more in an user-friendly design. Learn how to invest using NuInvest.

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Nubank was created to overcome bureaucracy and help people to manage their finances in a simple and transparent way, with no hidden fees. And now, we are also bringing this to the investment universe, for those who want to invest through NuInvest.

Nu Invest is Nubank’s 100% investment-focused platform, with over a thousand financial products to invest in, as well as educational content, specialized tools, recommended portfolios, stock playlists and more.

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Learn more details about the platform and how to invest through NuInvest.

What is Nu Invest?

Nu Invest is Nubank’s 100% investment-focused platform. Its mission is to expand the range of financial products that Nu offers today and thus help those who wish to invest focusing on diversity and range.

All this expertise is based on the best possible background: the market pioneering and stability acquired from Easynvest. The company was established in 1968, originally named Título Corretora de Valores, and became one of the largest investment platforms in Brazil.

Now, Easy has become NuInvest to bring a major transformation to the financial market and further simplify the way you invest. Everything is still fully digital, easy, with no bureaucracy, and now with a renewed design.

NuInvest has over a thousand investment products. This includes equity products such as stocks, real estate funds, mutual funds, and Brazilian Depository Receipts (BDRs), as well as fixed income such as Treasury Direct bonds, Bank Deposit Certificate (CDBs), and others. The platform also allows access to more specialized investments, such as stock options, mini-indexes, and others.

For now, Nubank and NuInvest remain two separate platforms, although they belong to the same group. In other words, if you have a Nubank account and would like to invest in NuInvest, you need to open an account on the other platform. The process is fast and easy.

Get started with the NuInvest account and investor profile

First, you need to open a cost-free account in order to invest at NuInvest. If you don’t have a NuInvest account yet, just click here to see a comprehensive tutorial.

Once your account is active, it’s time to verify your investor profile. This is a rating each individual who invests his or her money in an investment product receives, based on the risk they are prepared to undertake with their investments.

This means that your investor profile determines what kind of investor you are. With this information, we can recommend the investments that are most appropriate for your current needs.

To get your profile, you just need to fill out the form available on the NuInvest application.

How to complete the investor profile test on Nu Invest:

  • Open your Nu Invest app;
  • Click on the tab “More”;
  • Click on “Profile”;
  • Choose the “Investor Profile” option;
  • Click for the profile test.

There are no fees for opening or maintaining your NuInvest account. But it is important to remember that each application may have its own fees and charges, such as those charged by B3, the Brazilian stock exchange. Check our pricing chart to identify the characteristics of each investment.

How to do a bank transfer to my NuInvest account?

Now that all is set, it is time to make the first cash transfer to the NuInvest account. In your bank’s or financial institution’s application, choose the TED option. For customers with a Nubank account, it is worth noting that TEDs are cost-free, but this may differ for other institutions.

Then you must enter your NuInvest account data. To find it on your NuInvest app or webpage, click on “More” and then on “Deposits and Withdrawals”. You will need the following data:

  • Bank: 140 (SC Easynvest)
  • Branch: 0001
  • Checking account: your account number
  • Your Individual Taxpayers’ Registry (CPF)
  • Type: TED – (same holder) between checking accounts

You may need to enter Easynvest’s ISPB code, depending on your bank: 62169875

Please note: you will still see the name “Easynvest” at some places, so please don’t be surprised. We are gradually implementing changes, planning all the details to improve your experience.

To make the bank transfer to NuInvest, the original account is required to belong to you, i. e., your own account. You cannot make cash deposits, checks, or bank transfers on behalf of third parties.

The transfer will be entered into your account within two hours (on business days during business hours). Once the money has been deposited in NuInvest, you will be enabled to check the figures in the “Track” tab of the app or desktop.

How to invest for the first time in NuInvest?

After opening your NuInvest account and determining your investor profile, you can proceed with your first investment. In the app, no brokerage fees are charged to invest in stocks, Brazilian Depository Receipts (BDRs), real estate funds, ETFs and options.

There is also no fee for investing in any fixed income assets. This includes Treasury Direct bonds, investments such as Bank Deposit Certificate (CDBs), Real Estate Notes (LCIs), Agribusiness Credit Bills (LCAs), debentures, and several other types of investments.

How to invest in fixed income using NuInvest?

  • Open your NuInvest app;
  • Click on “Invest”;
  • Click on “Products”;
  • Scroll the screen and select “Fixed Income”;
  • Choose the investment option you prefer (Treasury Direct, Bank Deposit Certificate (CDBs), debentures, etc);
  • Search for the product that you are interested in. At the top of the screen, you can search the products according to the features you prefer, use the categories, or just scroll the screen to find the available products;
  • Click on the card for the selected product to access the information and read carefully; If the product you have selected is not aligned with your investor profile, we will let you know at that point so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with your investment;
  • Click on “Invest”;
  • Insert the amount you wish to invest;
  • To conclude the transaction, click on “Continue” and enter your Electronic Signature.

You have now invested in a fixed income investment by NuInvest! You will receive an e-mail with the purchase notification, and then all you have to do is hold for the title to be liquidated.

How do I invest in shares by NuInvest?

  • Open your NuInvest app;
  • Click on “Invest”;
  • Click on “Products”;
  • Scroll the screen and click on “Stocks”;
  • At the top of the screen, click on “Search Products” and enter the name or code of the company you wish to invest in;
  • Click on the buy button;
  • If the product you have selected is not aligned with your investor profile, we will let you know at that point so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with your investment;
  • Select a submitting method:

– By best price: your order will be submitted to be executed at market value and you only need to indicate the amount wanted;

– By wanted value: you can choose not only the amount, but also the price per unit;

  • Click on “Buy” and insert your Electronic Signature.

All set! You have received the purchase order, and you have made your investment. To check the status after submitting, click on the “More” tab and then click on “My Orders”.

The liquidation period (for your transaction to be executed by the exchange) after the order has been confirmed is two business days for both the buy and the sell orders.

Easy access to equities and other variable income assets

You can also invest in stocks and other variable income investments through NuInvest’s user-friendly platform. This is an option for investing simply and quickly in products such as stocks, real estate funds, Brazilian Depository Receipts (BDRs), and ETFs.

In this simplified platform, the investments are presented in a playlist format, showing the most relevant information about each of the assets, but excluding all those complex graphs and numbers we used to find in the financial market.

The platform is user-friendly and offers an instructive experience, which helps you compare multiple assets to help you always make the best decision. It is also possible to select preferred investment options and have access to simplified charts and recommendations, removing unnecessary intricacy from other home brokers in the market.

How to invest in mutual funds?

  • Open your NuInvest app;
  • Click on “Invest”;
  • Click on “Products”;
  • Scroll the screen and click on “Mutual Funds”;
  • At the top of the screen, click on “View all Funds”;
  • Use the categories to search for the funds, or scroll the screen to check the available funds;
  • Click on the card for the selected fund to access the information and read carefully;
  • Check the additional documents attached, including: essential, additional, charter, and membership term;
  • If the fund you have selected is not aligned with your investor profile, we will let you know at that point so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with your investment;
  • Click on “Invest”;
  • Choose the amount that will be transferred from your account to the fund;
  • All set!

Pay attention to your investor profile

If your investor profile is not indicated for the chosen investment, we will notify you before you invest your money. If you still decide to invest, you will need to agree to a term in the app.

This profile is very important, since it will help us recommend the most recommended products for your financial position.


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